Importers and Sourcing

Founded in 1963, by Mr. Purshottam Kulchandani, KK Global has grown to be a broad-based supplier of chemicals, dyes & minerals to virtually every industry that requires them.

Our company actively expands in the domestic and foreign market and enjoys high reputation with strong force in the chemical trading field. Since its foundation, the company has imported a variety of chemicals from all over the world and established long-term and friendly cooperation with its suppliers.

Since the establishment, we have been endeavoring in the innovative and responsive research based on the vast experience in the product and proceeds development. Consequently today KK Global caters to a broad segment of industries besides Textile like Agrochemicals and Petrochemicals, Food and Pharmaceuticals, Pigment and Polymer, Paint and Printing ink, Plastics and Plywood, Leather and Paper.

KK Global has rich experience in sourcing and supplying quality products. The group is committed to providing its customers what they need, where they need and when they need.

Since 1960’s KK Global helps procuring your Import requirement covering all the above items, that meet your exact specification and we also maintain a steady supply as long as you need and of course at the most Competitive International prices that could be offered to you backed by our integrated services.

In short as KK Global continues to grow and diversify, it will remain focused on its original mission - to serve as a sourcing specialist by developing relationships with specific producers, answering the need of its customer base.



At this stage assuring you of our efficient services and international competitive prices that may be evaluated through experienced & well-trained staff. We hope that you may wish to avail advantageous service from us, and will favour our organisation with your enquires and subsequent contracts of you interest. You are requested to send in your quality requirement so that we quote you the best price.

We also wish to be favoured with your most valued & important enquiries to enable us to cater to your requirement with quality & utmost satisfaction.

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Plastics and Plywood

Quality Policy

They key elements of our quality policy are set out in this statement:

It is the company’s Policy to Supply quality products which meet our customers requirements with utmost satisfaction.

Establish and encourage strong working relationship with both customer and suppliers. A two way communication process at all levels of the company to facilitate understanding and ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system. Maintenance and improvements to the quality management system are planned and made systematic. And Constant monitoring of the system in kept.

We are committed to provide competitive technical services related to its expertise. We ensure to achieve customer satisfaction at all times. We are committed to Business Excellence in everything we do.

Consistently meeting customer requirement through our valued products and services. Implementing and following a quality management system and giving the best possible service to our customers. Communication of this policy to our employees. To our customers, we pledge quality product and superior service. We will strive to understand their needs and meet our commitments to them at all times.

Secret of our Success is
“Customer care is our strength, so we smile and serve this industry”